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Yvette de Haas 

Yvette de Haas       

Yvette is a scientist and project leader at the Animal Breeding and Genomics Centre of Wageningen UR Livestock Research, with a focus on:

  1. Breeding efficient cows, both to reduce environmental impact of dairy cattle and to reduce feed costs for farmers,
  2. Setting up breeding programmes for non-mainstream farms; e.g. organic farms or farms aiming for less labour per cow,
  3. On-farm conservation of native Dutch breeds (e.g. Groningen White Headed, Friesian Red, Dutch Friesian, Meuse-Rhine-Yssel, etc.)


Dairy breeding, selection indices, new traits - either new traits by looking differently at existing information, or setting up systems to record new traits

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‘Breed4Food’ is the initiative of four animal breeding companies, based in the Netherlands, and the Animal Breeding and Genomics Centre of Wageningen UR to participate in a joint research agenda. In ‘Breed4Food’ fundamental, pre-competitive research will take place. Breed4Food intends to have computer facilities to perform calculations related to genomics. The initiative is launched is September 2012

The primary goal of ‘Breed4Food’ is to build a top institute for research and innovation in livestock genetics. The program will focus on three points of excellence:
  • Exploiting DNA information;
  • Enabling new breeding goal traits;
  • Creating added value in the food chain.

‘Breed4Food’ will perform genetics and genomics research enabling the breeding partners to realize their growth ambitions on the world market and the Animal Breeding and Genomics Centre to remain world leading in animal genetics and genomics sciences. ‘Breed4Food’ is going to focus on fundamental and pre-competitive research with regard to the development of novel genetics and genomics tools to be used in breeding superior products for all species. And even more on effective selection tools to improve resource efficiency, to reduce the ecological footprint, to meet changing consumer demands and to contribute to better health and welfare of livestock. All technologies will be used to strengthen classical selection methods. Genetic modification in any form will not be applied. 



The full title of this European Project is:
Innovative and practical breeding tools for improved dairy products from more robust dairy cattle


The objective of RobustMilk is to develop new practical technologies to allow breeders to re-focus their selection to include milk quality and dairy cow robustness and to evaluate the consequences of selection for these traits taking cognisance of various milk production systems.

The leaflet of the RobustMilk project is available here: (Leaflet).
Contact:Lucia Kaal-Lansbergen
+31 320 238326


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