Introducing the ASGGN

the GRA Animal Selection, Genetics and Genomics Network

One of the agreed outcomes of the meeting of the Global Research Alliance on Agriculture Greenhouse Gases, Genetics and Animal Selection workshop, held in Auckland, NZ in May 2011, was to establish an open communication link for all participants.

The ASGGN was formed following this meeting and offers a forum and environment in which scientists from all over the world can share information and data relating to breeding for mitigation of methane emissions from grazing livestock

The ASGGN is endorsed by the Livestock Research Group of the Global Research Alliance on agricultural greenhouse gases, as a forum to debate and reach agreement on a variety of topics including: The network will facilitate a coordinated international research effort to achieve progress at a much faster rate than possible by a country working alone. 

Our primary purpose is to provide a forum to foster discussion about the big research issues we face.

These include:

  • common protocols for measurement of CH4 emissions (and associated traits or at least calibrations of measurement differences between countries
  • co-measurement of appropriate correlated and productive traits
  • formalised protocols for collection and storage of DNA from all animals measured and also protocols for collection and storage of rumen samples from all animals measured
  • criteria for data sharing and analysis (including meta-analysis among all contributing parties

We envisage ASGGN as being a place for open discussion about common problems within the science that contributes to reduction in methane emissions from ruminant livestock.

The concept is to provide a virtual location where we can meet and discuss issues that we believe can be better answered by sharing experiences and data.

We expect the ASGGN to meet formally once per year at an International Conference that members will be attending independently.  Other less formal meetings will be arranged at smaller Conferences.

The next formal meeting of ASGGN will be held in Ghent, Brussels, in conjunction with the EAAP conference (25-30th August 2019). We will also have an informal gathering at the GGAA conference in Iguassu Falls, Brazil (4-10th August 2019).



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