DMI and FCE WorkshopNov 14

Ruminant Feed Conversion Efficiency and Dry Matter Intake Workshop

October 28th and 29th 2013, Bundoora, Victoria, Australia.

The meeting aimed to facilitate exchange of information, discussion and collaboration between researchers working on Feed Conversion Efficiency (FCE) and Dry Matter Intake (DMI) traits in production ruminants.

There were a number of short presentations designed to facilitate discussion of various topics surrounding FCE and DMI, which are listed below.


pdf DMI_FCE_Contactdetails (0.03MB) pdf DMI_FCE_Program (0.02MB)

pdf DMI_FCE_Arthur (1.80MB) ; pdf DMI_FCE_Berry (0.57MB)  ;

pdf DMI_FCE_Davis (0.68MB) ; pdf DMI_FCE_deHaas-CH4 (0.97MB) 

pdf DMI_FCE_deHaas-DMI (2.00MB) ; pdf DMI_FCE_Goddard (0.44MB)

pdf DMI_FCE_Gonzalez-Recio (0.85MB) ; pdf DMI_FCE_Herd (2.20MB) 

pdf DMI_FCE_Khansefid (1.14MB) ; pdf DMI_FCE_Lee (1.00MB) 

pdf DMI_FCE_Little (0.68MB) ; pdf DMI_FCE_Pryce (1.50MB) 

pdf DMI_FCE_Ross (0.58MB) ; pdf DMI_FCE_Wall (1.26MB) 

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