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ASGGN Meeting.  Dublin, Ireland

27th June 2013 

The next international meeting of the ASGGN will be as a satellite immediately following the Greenhouse Gases in Animal Agriculture Conference in Dublin.

The meeting will be held in Room A005 Health Sciences Centre, University College Dublin.

The meeting will consider:

Morning - Science

  • ˜ Methane Phenotype Working Group Report Back - This will cover aspects of the white paper being prepared
  • ˜ Issues around implementing selection and genomics tools in different production systems / countries - This will cover the need for genetic improvement infrastructure within country, species and production system

Afternoon - Business

  • ˜ Nature of the ASGGN - It's role in GRA and LRG and expectations
  • ˜ A formal structure for the ASGGN - Do we need one?
  • ˜ IP - How do we handle it?
  • ˜ A process for sharing - How do we handle data?
  • ˜ Succession planning and Handover
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